The Cointelegraph Talks music panel starts now, watch here!

Three entrepreneurs will discuss how innovation flourishes at the intersection of blockchain and music.

Cointelegraph’s head of news, Dylan Love, is hosting three guests for a livestream on our YouTube channel about blockchain technology’s impact on the music industry. The event starts right now: check it out above, or head over to our YouTube page to watch it live.

It’s increasingly difficult for musical artists to navigate promotion, distribution and getting paid after they record their music, but each of the guests on today’s show run blockchain companies that stand to change a little bit of everything for working musicians today. We are pleased to welcome:

  • Daniel Dewar, the founder and CEO of Paperchain, a payment gateway for content creator revenue
  • Jesse Grushack, co-founder of UJO Music, a zero-fee blockchain-based platform that lets music creators keep 100% of their profits
  • Roneil Rumburg, co-founder and CEO of blockchain-based censorship-resistant streaming platform Audius

Enjoy the show!

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